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This is the Next Big Thing in Interviewing

When was the last time you read something new and different about job interviews that  improved your interview performance, impressed the interviewer, and dramatically increased your chances of winning the interview and landing the job?

Active Interviewing Book

Active Interviewing™ will change your approach to job interviews and dramatically increase your chance of landing a job you love and earning the money you deserve. The old style of "being interviewed" for a job no longer works in today's hyper-competitive employment marketplace. You need a new interview approach that works- Active Interviewing.
Use Active Interviewing™ to move from a passive reactive candidate to an active assertive candidate. Active candidates brand themselves, employ sales techniques, and use an interview presentation to win interviews, get work they love, and earn the money they deserve.

The Active Interview approach is detailed in the book Active Interviewing - Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job published by Cengage Learning. This website continues and expands the content you can, or hopefully have, read in the book. However, even if you have not read the book you will learn a great deal about effective interviewing on this site.

One of the basic strategies of Active Interviewing is using an interview presentation. At our affiliate site InterviewBest you will find the iBest presentation development program which will guide you through the development of a FREE expert interview presentation.

Eric Kramer
Author- Active Interviewing™
Founder Innovative Career Services

PS- Candidates using Active Interview techniques find that hiring managers are impressed by their professionalism and initiative. Rather than being concerned about losing control of the interview, hiring managers welcome a candidate that can clearly and visually communicate their match with position requirements and why they are a good candidate for the job.

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Author Eric Kramer showing an example of an interview presentation-

active interviewing

Active Interviewing Video 

Active Interviewing wins gold medal from Axiom Business Book Awards- “Recognizing and promoting the world’s best business titles.”


Jenkins Group is proud to announce the results of the fifth annual Axiom Business Book Awards, honoring the year's best business books, their authors, and publishers.

The Axiom Business Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary business books and their creators, with the understanding that business people are an information-hungry segment of the population, eager to learn about great new books that will inspire them and help them improve their careers and businesses.

Category: Career (job search, career advancement)

Gold: Active Interviewing: Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job, by Eric P. Kramer (Course Technology/Cengage Learning)

Silver: Backing You, MBA! How Thinking of Yourself as a Business Can Advance or Transform Your Career, by Vaughan Evans (Business & Careers Press)

Bronze: Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work, by Shawn Dorman (Foreign Service Books)

Praise for Active Interviewing


An Interviewer states that the interview presentation was "Great"
"Eric, thanks for following up. I made the changes you recommended when we spoke, and I gave my mini-training presentation and my interview presentation last Thursday to the hiring manager. I was also supposed to meet with his manager as well, but she had a conflict, so he asked me to come back on Friday afternoon to meet with her. I asked him if I should also plan to do my mini-training session for her, and he said, "No, but definitely bring the spiral-bound interview presentation." I took that as a good sign. :-)
When I went back on Friday, I gave her a copy of my interview presentation, and she was very impressed with it. She kept saying, "This is GREAT!" Instead of spending half an hour with me as planned, we talked for an hour, and she seemed to really like me.  I am praying that I get the job; if I do, I'll know it was the iinterview presentation that made me stand out."
Martha, Corporate Trainer

A candidate uses an interview presentation to lead an interview
"How did it happen [land the job]? A recruiter saw my resume on Monster and called. The Managing Director (owner) interviewed me from England and arrived Monday for a face to face. I was one of two finalists. I used an interview presentation for the first time to lead the interview, which lasted three hours. He was impressed with the presentation and said so. It made a job winning difference! My new position is with a British company- a distributor of sporting goods, I start next Monday."
Bill, General Manager

A career counselor recommends Active Interviewing to her clients
"Active interviewing Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job” by Eric P. Kramer assumes an innovative way to approach job interviews. It emphasises the use of proven sales techniques, self-branding and a unique “interview presentation” tool for candidates to sell themselves in the interview situation. It changes the mindset of the candidate from a passive “begging for a job” mentality to an “in-control” and marketing orientation of selling benefits rather than features to interviewers. It helps candidates to show the prospective employer a glimpse of benefits they are offering to their company and their ability to forward plan, and to conduct themselves professionally. The action plan presentation component compels the candidate to think/act as if they were in the job - thereby assisting the employer to cross the interview rhetoric-reality gap with that candidate.

Very good examples are given to illustrate the points throughout the book which any candidate can adapt to suit their circumstances. It is not a book about how to dress for interview, how to shake hands or to be on time for the interview. It offers a comprehensive, stand-out approach to interviews based on sound field data, and backed up by many examples.

This is a “how to do” book, and Eric Kramer has succeeded in offering a practical step-by-step guide for candidates.  I recommend this book to candidates and professionals assisting their clients to gain a competitive edge in interviews. It encourages applicants to prepare thoroughly for the interview, take control, be confident and make a lasting impression on interviewers by differentiating themselves from other candidates. This approach will add value for everyone who navigates it, and if the principles therein are well and appropriately executed, they should not be surprised at positive outcomes. Eric Kramer’s insights have provided notable traction to my practice in the careers area."
Careers Counsellor- Australia 
A Life Coach thinks Active Interviewing is "excellent"
"I read your book. I think it is excellent! Your writing style is very reader-friendly, and the book is full of very practical information to make a very daunting process much more manageable. Feel free to quote me if you’d like! I have recently decided to seek out coaching/training/facilitation opportunities in organizations on a part-time or contractual basis, and the book left me feeling very empowered about the dreaded interview process. I will definitely use it as a resource as I begin having conversations with people about possible opportunities."
Lisa, Life Coach

Director of Programs Association of Career Professionals thinks Active Interviewing is superb
Congratulations Eric,
Active Interviewing is a superb publication. I received the copy only last week and found it to be compelling reading. It is fresh, thorough, well researched and presented in an interesting and thought provoking manner. It will be a worthy addition to any professional reading collection. I will certainly promote it among my network and for training purposes.

If anything I found the title a little limiting and doesn’t grab me the way the contents do. Perhaps you could think about a more attention grabbing title to broaden your market. This book is more than interviewing it is about being successful in self marketing. It should go to 2nd and 3rd editions. I wanted you give you quick feedback on what I believe is a fantastically significant publication.
Allan Gatenby CMF, Director of Programs Association of Career Professionals

It covers everything a career coach and client needs to know
"An effective sales call approach to the employment interview enabling the candidate to control the information flow to highlight key skills sought by the employer allied to the key attitudes offered by the candidate. It covers everything the career coach and client need to know and implement to win the interview. It’s far more than an interview primer – as the client who goes through the process thoroughly will have had the best education of what makes him tick he’s ever likely to get."
Lawrence Arnold, Career Counselor
Active Interviewing is relevant across all parts of a person's career
"This is indeed a comprehensive book on preparation strategies for successful interviewing and a refreshing look at a critical step in the job search process. I particularly liked Chapter 5 on the importance of creating and developing a personal brand. This is key, for the interviewee, in re-inforcing and conveying the value of what they have to offer and for the interviewer in recognising that value, during the interview. The sales analogies had impact and resonated with me. It has relevance across all parts of one’s career and professional development. Appendix C is an inspired touch in reinforcing the areas that the interviewee needs to highlight in all their communication.
It is a superb book which I will recommend to clients and colleagues.
Denise, Career Coach 
Final Thoughts on Active Interviewing from Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.
"The greatest strength of Active Interviewing is its comprehensiveness. Kramer leaves no detail unattended to in his quest to teach candidates to develop interview sales presentations. The appendix alone, with its worksheet and samples, justifies the price of the book. Kramer's grasp of storytelling as the most effective way for job-seekers to present their accomplishments will benefit readers. Remarkably, Kramer guarantees that candidates using his Active Interviewing approach will be prepared for interviews, have an excellent interview presentation at the ready, exhibit less anxiety and more confidence in interviews, and feel proud at the end of each interview. The copious, detailed guidance in the book suggest this guarantee will pan out for readers who follow the outlined steps."
Click here to read more about Active Interviewing from Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.


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